SS Mopar Muscle heads to Mopars at the Strip 2007
The Mopars at the Strip show in Las Vegas is one of our most favorite car shows to visit each year. We have been to every one of them since it first started and every year it gets better and better. Having it in early spring usual means excellent weather and of course, Vegas has tons of other attractions as well. One of the best parts about the show is the constant racing that is going on during the entire event. So when your legs get tired of walking around looking at the show cars, parts swap meet, or vendors booths, just head to the grand stands and watch some mopars race while you rest those feet.

This year was an especially exciting year for us as we actually entered a car into the show. We put in our 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible Max Wedge car, and it was an exciting experience to see the reactions from the many people who could not believe a real max wedge convertible was there. It was a great show and we already are looking forward to next year.

And now for a few pictures from the show:

As we mentioned, the racing is a fantastic part of the show, as there are all types of mopars running at any given time. I believe there was even a full field of 15 Super Stock cars racing in the SS class this year. This picture is of a 'not so stock' viper taking on a dragster.

The actual show was even larger again this year and eventually they will need to expand to accommodate even more vehicles. This was looking at a row of B-Bodies, of which our white convertible can be seen at the end of the row.

Of course the E-Bodies are always popular, and here is a fine 1970 TA.

As I mentioned, our Max Wedge convertible was a part of the show and it generated a substantial amount of interest. It is just such a rare car that not many people have ever seen one.

Well, it is our car, so it gets a little more air time on this page...

And a final parting photo of it.

Well, what can I say, I am a sucker for an AAR, and here is a fine example.

This is an excellent 1966 Belvedere Hemi car that a friend of ours owns and had in the show. It is a fine looking car and a Post car no less.

Like I said, the E-Bodies are always popular and here are a few excellent cars...

This gold challenger is actually owned by our younger cousin and it is wonderful to see him bring his car up from LA every year. We are quite proud of Andy and the love and attention he has given his car after we sold it to his family.

Now THAT is a cool color combo! It is quite rare, but boy, it looks sharp (well, at least to me, as we all have our opinions)

Ah yes, another excellent AAR.

Only at mopar could one get such an obnoxious color combo! Certainly is unique... and I'm sure it is a hit on October 31st.

And one last photo of a great looking lift off hood superbee.