Car Performance Comparison
This page is to provide a comparison of cars performance, both in the 0-60mph and the 1/4 Mile (Quarter Mile). I grabbed the start of this list off of the internet, it is floating around on several sites, and I wish I knew who compiled the original list so I could give you credit. I took that original list, then stuffed the data into a database so now you can sort it various ways, and it makes it easy for me to add new entries to the list. I only add new cars and performance specs if they are found in one of the published automobile magazines (Road & Track, Motor Trend, Car & Driver, etc). If there are questions, or you have an article you can point me at with new car performance data, please email me at Enjoy!

You can sort the list by clicking on the column name. Click on the same header name twice to reverse the sort order.

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Year Make Model 0-60mph 1/4 Mile Time