Mopar Related Software

Fender Tag Decoder (decode.exe 454k)
This is a beta version of a native windows fender tag decoding application, the 1969-1974 portion is pretty much done, just debugging and refining. The 1962-1968 is a large part of the way done. This application is rough, and its TRUE shareware, totally free, no expiration, fully functional, I only ask that if you like the software, send a few dollars my way so the programming can continue and make the application really nice. Also, while there shouldn't be any conflicts, I have to give the disclaimer, I am in no way responsible for any damage that may occur to your computer from this software.

Palm Fender Tag Codes
This is in the design stage, this simple piece of software for your PalmOS hand helds will allow you to input a single fender tag code, and then return the decoded value. This will be great for use when out looking at cars to buy. This would also work for build sheets.

Your Ideas are welcomed
Your fresh ideas for new, useful, and helpful MOPAR related software is welcome. Just shoot an email off to me.