1971 Plymouth Road Runner 440 Six Pac restoration in progress

This is 71 Roadrunner 440-6 4spd with the air grabber hood that we are restoring for a customer. We are going to paint it Curious yellow with black interior. We had to replace the lower quarters and extensions, along with the trunk rail and fix the 30 years of banged up metal. One surprise the owner has recently purchased a sun roof for the car that we will be installing.

A customers project car, 1971 Road Runner 440-6

UPDATE !!! (06/30/04)
We just painted the inside parts to the car and it looks great. This is GY3 curious yellow. We used a top quality paint called Glaserit. Very expensive, but it shows.

UPDATE !!! (08/29/04)
The main focus has been on the new sun roof per the owners request.

The new top is in place here.

UPDATE !!! (09/17/04)
Finishing up paint, and its looking good!

UPDATE !!! (10/15/04)
Car assembly has been going well. Engine is in, suspension is going back together, etc.

UPDATE !!! (11/02/04)
A few pictures of the Air Grabber setup.

UPDATE !!! (11/08/04)
Wing is on, interior is starting, rear end is in, and more!

UPDATE !!! (12/11/04)
Things are still progressing and coming together.

UPDATE !!! (07/15/05)
Things are still coming together... check out these window louvers.

UPDATE !!! (11/14/05)
As you can see, this car is just about complete, and looking great.

UPDATE !!! (11/22/05)
Check out the machinegun exhaust tips.