1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible 383 Magnum restoration in progress

This 1971 Challenger convertible is currently being restored for a customer. Here is a link to the page when the car was up for sale (gives you an idea of where we started with the car). http://www.ssmoparmuscle.com/forsale/71challconv/71challconv.htm

UPDATE !!! (11/08/04)
Just a quick update showing the new trunk installed.

Trunk floor is installed along the factory seems.

UPDATE !!! (01/08/05)
Paint and body is coming along nicely. The motor is also ready to go in.

UPDATE !!! (02/02/05)
Paint and body is done, time to start with the major assembly.

UPDATE !!! (03/09/05)
We have made much progress in the last month. The car is really starting to look good.

UPDATE !!! (04/13/05)
Still working on the small things, getting the interior wrapped up and other small bits.


UPDATE !!! (07/15/05)
Progress continues on wrapping this car up.

UPDATE !!! (01/14/08)
This car was actually completed about 2 years ago, but we just now realized we did not put some final pictures up. So enjoy!