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1970 Plymouth 340 4-spd restoration in progress

Here is a 1971 cuda we had up for sale here. The car was purchased along with a contract to finish the restoration. It is an original 340 4-spd that will be restored with a bit of wild. The 340 will be 400+ CID (guess that means its not a 340 anymore!) and a shaker hood will be installed. The vinyl top has also gone bye bye. Follow the progress here!

01-08-05 : UPDATE!!! Work continues on the top and the shaker hood.

03-09-05 : UPDATE!!! Continued body work and paint.

11-14-05 : UPDATE!!! Its been a while since we did an update... but this car has come a long way!

11-22-05 : UPDATE!!! It is time to give this here cuda some power to move!

01-14-08 : UPDATE!!! This car was actually completed a while ago but we just realized we did not post final pictures...