1970 Plymouth Cuda 440 4-spd restoration in progress

Here is a 1970 440 4-speed cuda we are restoring for a customer. It is EV-2 orange with a white stripe. It came out of New York and had its share of rust. As you will see we are doing an extensive amount of rust repair. We are using all original sheet metal to fix the car. The car was sitting for 25+ years and has less than 40k original miles. It is completely #'s match with tags and build sheet. Follow the progress here!

Well, you have to start some where!

Now we are starting to make some progress.

Well, after all that cutting, we figured we better put some metal back on!

And its even starting to look whole again, even primered on the interior parts.

UPDATE!!! (11/14/05)
Well, it was starting to look whole again, but now we got to the font of the car. We removed the firewall and tore things down in order to build them back up properly and conduct the repairs needed. Once again, things are starting to look whole again.

Yes, for these cars, its worth it!

UPDATE!!! (01/23/06)
Amazingly enough, the body work is done and the car is in primer.

UPDATE!!! (03/01/06)
And now, we are getting some paint on the car!

UPDATE!!! (03/07/06)
Wow! Its amazing how far we have came with this car....

UPDATE!!! (05/08/06)
A bit more progress has been made.....