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1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE 440 Magnum

After completing the award winning 1971 Cuda 440 6-Pac car for a customer it was time to get started on another customer project. This one is a 70 Challenger 440 RT SE. It is originally orange with black top and interior. It has a couple of rust issues that have ended up being more significant than we originally though, but we'll get through them. It has original AM 8 track radio with A/C and all other standard R/T options. We hope you enjoy following the progress below!

9/16/2008 Update!! - Work continues on the body work. There was lots of rust repair that needed to be done but as you can see, it is starting to come together now.

9/30/2008 Update!! - More body work happening. The roof of the car was used as a trampoline and filled with silicon and giant dents. We had to pull out the roof and replace the main support. Keep in mind this was a top dollar Barrett Jackson car a few years ago, very scary.

10/23/2008 Update!! - All of the metal work is complete and we had to add some additional support under the roof because of the severity of the damage there. Body work has begun to get ready for paint.

04/07/2009 Update!! - Well we have finally fixed all of the rust and completed all of the body work and the car is now in complete primer.

09/01/2009 Update!! - Finally, we get some paint on this car. It has been a long journey with all of the body work required, but it is starting to come together now.