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1970 Charger R/T Restoration in Progress

This is a 1970 Charger R/T 440 Magnum that we are restoring. The car was recently sold and we are finishing it for delivery. The car is original B5 Blue with white top and white interior.

Paint and Top complete

Getting ready for assembly

Underside detailing

Update (11/7/03)

Trunk details

Coming Together!

Engine Compartment

The 440 thats going fill that engine compartment!

Update (11/22/03)

Its all coming together nicely!

Door panel detail

Rear interior is in

440 is in place

Front end rebuilt

Underside and driveline.

Update (12/11/03)

New headliner

Rebuilding the instrument cluster.

The engine is getting accessorized!

Close up of the A/C unit.

Grill with the eyes shut.

Peek-a-boo !!

Update (05/31/04) - COMPLETED

It sure is wonderful to see another one of these classics get back on the road again.