1970 Challenger Convertible 383 Restoration in progress

This is a 1970 Challenger Convertible. Its an original 383 car with white top and tan leather interior. An interesting combination to say the least. The car was sold in its original condition and the new owner has asked us to do the restoration. Per the owners request, this car is becoming a triple black car.

Another Project, 1970 Convertible Challenger 383

The original car before any work had begun.

The paint preperation continues

Black cars: tons of work, but very rewarding.

Rear quarter view

Black cars have to be perfect, as every imperfection shows up....

Update (03/29/04)

The underside is just as important as the top side

The rear end assembly being prepared to mount

And here it is mounted on the car

Ah yes, nothing like a new convertible top!

Update (04/29/04)

Trunk & spare

The engine compartment is coming together...

Looking good in the sun light

Back panel all complete

engine compartment a bit further along now

Interior is coming together

Back seat

Well, suppose we better power this thing!!

We'll, I suppose we better just wrap this thing up!!

Triple black and looking SHARP

Drivers Welcome

Looks good with the top up also

Just a few minor things left to finish up... and then we say goodbye

The guys that really make things happen at SS Mopar Muscle and with the cars, John and Marco

Why yes, it does have a Hemi. Well, the coronet does. You can find it else where on this site

Update (06/20/04)

The final pictures taken before delivery to new owner.