1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible Triple White restoration in progress

Well we're trying to do one of our own. We've had the car painted for 5 years now and trying to get it going again (between doing customers cars!). This is a very rare triple white convertible 440 GTX. This car came out of a junk yard many years ago. We rescued it and now are finally getting the chance to put it together. It came equipped with the #'s matching motor (440 mag) ps, pb, A/C, power windows, tach dash, 3:23 possi, buckets and consol, mag 550's and a few more options. This is one that will never be seen again. The car will most likely be for sale after we get to drive it on a few trips. Original California car with no rust.

This car is available for sale : $52,000

A personal project car, 1968 GTX Convertible 440, White Top, White Paint, White interior

Well, we have parts and pieces....

and more parts

We were able to paint the car about 5 years ago, and then put it into storage.

There is still plenty of work left to do

Where to start? Where to start?

A shot of the interior, or lack thereof.

The business end of the GTX

The underside of the trunk.

Looking into the trunk from the cockpit area.

Update!! (07/10/04)
Progress continues on the triple white 68 GTX convertible.

The rear-end going in...

And you cannot get anywhere without some petrol, so we'll put the gas tank back in also.

Its important for the underside to look good also

Bits and pieces

The rear panel is in place as well as taillights

Update!! (08/23/04)
Progress continues on the triple white 68 GTX convertible.

The front end and engine compartment are coming together.

More shots of the front assembly/grill area coming together

The hood emblems say it all!

The convertible top frame getting all dialed in.

Steering column is in, preparing for more interior work.

More top operation adjustments and work.

Update!! (09/05/04)
Progress continues on the triple white 68 GTX convertible, only about another 3 or 4 weeks left

Interior is still coming together.

The trunk IS together....

... as is the rear end.

This thing looks like it wants a motor!

Yeah! That one will do! The engine and front end will all go in as one unit.

"Yum Yum!", says the white GTX

The pro's hard at work, or is that "hardly working"?

Ah yes! Now things are looking good!

Another Update!! (09/23/04)
Things are getting really close now....

The Last Update!! (10/21/04)
The car is now complete! The car turned out fabulous!! We took it to the Fall mopar show at Woodly Park and it generated a ton of foot traffic, interest and comments. We hate to see this truly rare and wonderful mopar go, but it is up for sale now.

Okay Okay!! Just a few more pictures(11/02/04)