1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Max Wedge Convertible

Yes, this is an original and documented 1963 Sport Fury max wedge convertible stick shift car. This car is for sale but we have decided to do a restoration to fix some of the flaws on the car. It has a correct and newly built 426 Max Wedge motor that was recently dyno'd (550 hp) and 3 speed tranny. One of the rarest mopars in existence..... and you can follow the progress here.

Sale is pending

Update The top has been redone with factory material and all the mechanisms were rebuilt. You will also notice the paint and body is completed.

Update All of the bright work has been completely redone as well as many other parts and pieces and paint. The car is now being put back together.

One of our little helpers!

Update Getting all of the running gear back together.

Update A few more pictures of the work in progress

Update (02/13/07) - Ever closer to finishing up...

Update (02/13/07) - The car is now pretty much done, in fact we even took it to Mopars at the Strip 2007