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1962 Corvette Project

Well, we are S&S Mopar Muscle, but we do occasionally do some non mopar projects as well. We do like the old classic corvettes and although this is a bit out of the Mopar world we are transforming this stock looking vette into a modern updated street machine. We have instructions from the owner to make the engine compartment "eye popping" and the paint to look phenomenal. We will also be converting the drivetrain over to custom running gear and 4 wheel disk brakes while also installing a Keesler 5-speed and updating the car with A/C. It should be fun

Not a bad starting point

Update!! Well, it wasn't a bad starting point, but we still stripped it down to the frame and had to do some repairs and work. We also had a one of a kind induction system built for the small block and it is wild! It dyno'd 550hp and 535 ft-lbs of torque. Not bad! Enjoy the pics.

Update!! Work continues on this sweet ride. Many things have happened over the last couple of months. Take a look below.

Update!! A lot has happened over the last few months and the Vette is getting closer. The body is off the frame again and in for paint, the mechanicals are just about done.

Update!! Well, we continue to chip away at her. Its a big project but is coming together great.

Update!! It is really starting to look like a car now. Fully painted, assembly continues.

Update!! Continued customization (sound system) and assembly.