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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 383

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T - Here is an original 1970 Challenger R/T 383 4-speed. It has been in storage since the mid 1980's. Late in the 70's the car was kind of done up like a street racer and a few things were changed. The original motor was blown and a 12.5:1 motor was built. A lot of money was spent on building the motor, it was totally blue printed and balance with all the good parts from that era. A 4:56 possi was added to the rearend as well as an electric fuel pump. Inside the car the shifter was changed to a Vertigate style and the front buckets were changed. As is evident, the paint was also changed about this time. Other than that the car is very very solid and in original condition. The mileage on the odometer is correct at under 70k and the dash doesn't even have a crack in it. The back seat still has the original covers on it. The only area where the car was cut was the upper rear quarter lip to fit a bigger tire (see picture below). It has all the original sheet metal and if you look in the picture of the fender tag it is probably one of only a couple to have this original color combo. The original color was f4 light green with a Chartreuse green tail stripe. The car runs very strong and has always been in California (in a garage) and never has had any rust in the quarters or floor pans.