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1969 Dodge Charger Hemi 4-Speed
1969 Dodge Charger Hemi - Original 69 Hemi 4-spd Dana Charger. 27k original miles. Not been on the street since the mid 70's. It was used as a weekend racer most of its life until the motor was blown and the car was parked. It has sat since then. The body was in excellent shape with no major damage or any rust to speak of. Even the original trunk pan is still in mint shape. One of the best we have ever seen. The car retains it's original quarters and sheet metal. the options are as follows. R-4 red with black interior and white tail stripe. Bucket seats with the buddy leaner. It has 4:10 Dana and disk brakes. Other than that it was all go with not much to show for options. But it has all the right stuff. The motor is out of a 68 Roadrunner and trans is date coded correct for the car. The motor is finished and dynoed at over 500hp on pump gas. The radiator is the correct 054. The car is currently under restoration and can be purchased at anytime during the progress. The fender tag had to be made new due to loss in 1970 during the drag days. We contacted the original owner and verified the options to the car and made as correct as possible new tag. We do have the original warranty owner manual. As the pictures show all the factory Hemi structure is present and non altered. Very rare and desired car. We have owned this car for over 8 years and hate to sell it.

You can see many pictures and follow the restoration of this car on its restoration progress page