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1968 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible

1968 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible 340 4-Speed - This very rare 68 Dart was completely restored about 2 years ago. It is a real GTS 4-speed convertible. There were only 44 of these made. The color is medium green with white interior, top, and stripe. This could possibly be the only one of these made with this color combo and the car was restored to how the fender tag reads. Options include bucket seats, console, and power top, with added AM/FM radio. It has a date coded 340 motor with all associated correct 68 parts. It came with power steering and power brakes. It also came with and has 3:23 possi rear-end with stock red line tires. A correct spare tire, jack and assembly are present. All other componets appear to be visually correct. This car won first place At the Woodly Park Mopar show in 06 for best of stock A-bodies. The car is very nice and a great driver.

$45,000 SOLD

Here is some detailed information about the car including the fender tag decode:

Vin # LS27P8B326320 Core Support # B8LA10448

Top row small letters: 6 under a - consol, 4 under b - bucket seats, 7 under h - fender mounted turn signals, 6 under m - outside remote mirror, 6 under w - contracted NCS dealer, pre service.
Second row down large letters: 1 under H - power brakes, 1 under R - AM music master 2 watt, 9 under W - 3 speed wiper, 2 under Y - convertible white top
Third row #ís moldings AX (48) 2:23 possi 8 3/4 rear-end TRM (S6W)- Sport bucket vinyl seats in white PNT (TT1)- medium green metallic UBS (W) means upper door frames in white. (7) means white tail stripe
Bottom line LS27- convert Dart line (52) - 340 - 275hp (3) - 4 speed transmission (39) - E70 14 tires 405 production date April 5th of 1968 A10448 shipping order # which matches the # on the core support to verify car matches tag to body.

  1. Radiator 2898026 correct for 1968 340 4spd
  2. Carb 4424 correct for 1968 340-4spd dated December 1967 correct
  3. wiper motor 3spd correct for 1968 late
  4. spark plug wires dated Jan. 1968
  5. alternator dated 1973
  6. Engine block dated 6/18/68 correct replacement
  7. exhaust manifolds rt side 2863549 correct for 68 dated 08077 for August 67