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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Max Wedge

1963 Sport Fury Max Wedge - There were a total of 234 Max Wedge sport fury's made by Chrysler and there are less than 20 known to exist today, and here is one of them. This car was a race car most of its life and is still in that form. The rear has been tubbed and it still has the roll bar installed. The rear end is a vintage Dana 60 with low gears for the 1/4 mile. The car has been in California it's entire life and never has had any rust. It did have fender well header at one time that someone has fixed over. Also, underneath, there was some metal cut to fit the headers. Due to it being a race car that did not see much street use, the car is very straight and clean. The stainless trim is beautiful and it is all there. The car still has the original Max Wedge hood and wiring harness holes. This car has been off the track (and street) for many years and will need restoration. The original color combination is red with red interior. A lot of the interior is original that was dyed black. This car is missing the fender tag, but has been documented by the Chrysler Historical Society and we have a copy of the original punch card. Under the box marked "engine" it has the number 9 representing the Max Wedge option. Several of these cars have recently changed hands for well over $100k.

Must Sell: $23,900
Block, Heads and Intake are available for extra.