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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible Max Wedge Manual Trans

1963 Sport Fury Convertible Max Wedge - How rare is this car? According to the book "The Complete Guide to the 1963 Plymouth Super Stock Package" written by Darrel Davis in 2006, there were a total of 35 Sport Fury Convertible Max Wedges built, or scheduled to be built. Of those 35, 15 of them were stick shift cars like this one. This one was the ONLY convertible Max Wedge built in 1963 with white paint and red interior. There are only 4 documented 1963 Max Wedge convertibles known to exist today, two of which are stick shift cars (counting this one). This is an original 1963 Convertible 415hp Max Wedge car and it is a floor mounted stick shift car (3-speed, as all max wedge manual transmission cars were 3-speeds). The car is fully documented and certified by Galen Govier. The car is white with red interior and is fully restored, original, and ready for any show. This car needs nothing and health issues forces the pricing to be adjusted for a quick sale. If you are looking for an ultra rare classic mopar that needs nothing and is fully documented, this is the car.

Call for Pricing

You can see some pictures from the restoration of this car here: 63 Max Conv Resto