About S&S Mopar Muscle
At the heart of any restoration shop has to be employees and owners that have a deep love for the cars they restore. The heart of S&S restoration is the founders, Skip and Scott Ewing. A father and son team that has a passion for Mopar Muscle and all fast and classic cars.

Restoring cars is not about money, if it where, this wouldn't be the business to get into. The real reward comes from the satisfaction of watching a car emerge from the rusty, dented metal as a better then new example of a beautiful and fun to drive car, gathering attention where ever it goes.

S&S Mopar Muscle has a large shop in the High Desert of Southern California. For directions to the shop and to arrange a shop visit, please call the ahead of time.

About the Founders
Skip Ewing: Skip has been driving (and racing) Chrysler's muscle cars since they were coming off the assembly line new. Whether it was a 63 Max Wedge down at Lyon's Raceway, or a 66 Valiant Station Wagon with wife and kids (and a 340 under the hood). Skip bought and drove many of the various muscle cars through the heydays of the 60's and early 70's. His foundation of knowledge comes from actually growing up with these cars, and his love has never stopped. Now his pursuits are to restore and preserve these American Icons, and of course, enjoy racing some of them at the drag strip.

Scott Ewing: Skip's oldest son Scott, grew up around Mopars and muscle cars as a result of his Dad's love of the cars. And when it became time to buy his first car, what better then a 1969 Charger. The charger was restored and since sold, and there started the trend. Now, for over a decade, Scott has researched and investigated thousands of Mopars, and is now what some would call an expert in the history of these cars and how they properly go back together.

Together, Skip and Scott lead a team of specialists that restore and love these cherished cars. This love for the cars pushes them to excel at the work they do. Explore these pages to see some examples of the work they do and passion that goes into them, and feel free to contact them about your next project.

About the Web Team
Melvin Ewing: Mel is the youngest son of Skip, which, of course makes him the brother of Scott. Mel is a mopar, musclecar, exotic car, and car lover in general. Mel is an entrepeneur and also does the web programming thing as part of that. There are some pictures of Mel's barracuda's (A 66 and 68) on this page. Some other sites Mel is involved with include Sniper Central and Driving Feel Mel holds down the Montana division of SS Mopar Muscle (Which isn't very big yet, but growing!).